I competed at the World Wife Carrying Contest - I CAME SECOND (last)

Hello my dears! It's been an eventful couple of months,so I shall share the highlights. (On reflection...I think I will make that singular...) I had the great honour of representing Ireland and The Principality of Hutt River at The 20th Annual Wife Carrying Race in Sonkajärvi, Finland. Weighing in at 132kg, I know will never go to the Olympics, but I am always proud to represent my country. I could (like some of these horrid trolls) stay at home and criticise the efforts of other sports people and never participate in life and games myself,but I know through my positivity, I endevour to enrich the lives of others....maybe (in my own peculiar way) even more so than that the elite athletes...? :D I have always hoped through my scoliosis/sciatica/size that I would inspire others to do something...anything...Bog snorkelling And Wife Carrying I know are extreme, but, If I can do something maybe you can too? Finally,I would like to thank the People of Finland for taking such good care of me ! OF COURSE UNTOLD THANKS to Estonia's Mr. Teet Peetre for finding the strength to lug my carcass around the track. ÄITAH! Spread kindness and love people!!

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philip said...

Hi Julia,

I'm a writer working on a project called A Drink with a Stranger. As the name indicates, it involves me having a drink with someone I don't know, and learning a little about them (and maybe about myself in the process). Anyway, I did a little research on bog snorkeling and came upon your site... I wondered if you'd like to have a drink and a conversation over Skype (since I'm in Boston).

Here are a few of the strangers I've met:




Please let me know what you think. You can reach me at strangerphil@gmail.com

Thanks, and hope to speak with you soon!