Tomorrow, I will attend my only Goddaughter's First Holy Communion. I hope it is sunny and I hope she smiles! I am thinking back to my own 'day out' 33 years ago. Outside my bedroom door in the hallway, the photo hangs, Dad, me and Mum. Mum is the only one smiling, myself and Dad wince in the May morning sunlight, Mum nudges me and through her teeth (like a ventriloquist) tells me to smile too. Too late, no digital re-takes! An eternal grimace.

I've not been up to much recently, I hope to be in Finland in July for Wife Carrying. It looks like I will only be a spectator...there's a drought of strong thirsty men in the world....!!But as a Finnish Champion Wife Carrier once paraphrased to me "YUUULIA! Laife's laike a bux of chukolaites.....!!"