It Rained On My Parade...!

It was March 19th, I was in Singleton attending a fundraiser for The Children's Cancer Institute Australia. The evening was a great success, the family and friends of the late Tom Kirkwood had gathered in his honour.
I had had a thoroughly good time and had met some inspiring people. The most inspiring had to be Mr. Kurt Fearnley, a Gold Medal Olympian (too much for me to even try to attempt to describe his achievements maybe you should do a wee search for yourself). http://kurtfearnley.com
I probably had about 40mins sleep before getting up to travel to the Sydney St.Patrick's Day Parade and Family Festival. I was so excited! I was to assist at the commentary of the St. Patrick's Day Parade. This was to be a major bullet point on the "Galvin Bucket List"...but it was not meant to be... from Cessnock to Sydney the rains were tropical and consistent...like what you'd find on Beale Strand on a balmy August day... a downpour. Then the inevitable happened..I got a phone call from President Ger Ryan.. this was around 8.20am and a strange maturity soon replaced the disappointment...Yippee!! I could go back to bed!