Summer Activity Updates

Well now folks....it's high time that I told you that I survived my bee sting and in early May I got home safe and sound. I had a fantastic time on my travels and hope to return to the southern hemisphere again sometime soon. Christopher Sexton carried me in Singleton at the Australian wife carrying race...we finished last...but we FINISHED! that man has unknown strengths! at 75kg he carried me for 253m and I am 122kg! What a guy! and we raised AUS$26,000 for the Australian Children Cancer Institute. A great day was had by all!

Unfortunately, on the day of my home-coming I got the tragic news that I had lost a dear dear friend Mr. Stephen Hodnett...he died in an accident in NYC. (more info)

He was talented at many things, bog snorkelling, Ice swimming, cycling, but it's the memory of his amazing hugs that will stay with me forever. R.I.P my friend.

July saw me compete in the World Wife Carrying Championships in Sonkajarvi , Finand. (watch the video)


In Finland, I represented The Principality of Hutt River as I have been commissioned by Prince Leonard himself to Represent The Principality in all novel sports ... to know more about this Micronation check this out...(have a look in the News Section 2009)

I came 33/35 in Finland...not bad! 2 mins 22 seconds. Many thanks to Mauri Zahkna of Estonia who carried me ..and is still alive.

Margo Uusorg's 2007 time of 2mins 8 seconds remains the fastest time of carrying me.

I thank all the people everywhere that have fed and watered me in my travels...it is much appreciated.