5-O! new on my flag map.

HELLO Hawaii! Hawaii is the latest region to be added to my flag counter. I knock great craic out of looking at my flag counter...somebody new every few days! Plus the regulars who check in quite often. It is so nice (and funny) that you pay little ol' me a virtual visit! Many thanks! @JuliaGalvinbog is my Twitter feel free to contact me. I was at yoga last night in Listowel that was soothing for the spirit. And staying bendy and stretchy is good for the body. It certainly helps with my sciatica. So, I suppose the word for today is Namaste!


2014...How lovely!?!

Greetings and a happy new year to all of you!! 2013 was an eventful year, I cut my hair for charity. I took part in a Christmas tree throwing competition. In May,I took part in the world stone throwing competition held in Corrofin. I went to the wife carrying competition but unfortunately nobody carried me. But I had a great time in Finland as usual! Whilst I was in Finland the sad news of HRH Princess Shirley's death reached me I kept my Principality of Hutt River flag at half mast in recognition of this lovely lady. In August I took part at the annual bog snorkelling competition in Llanwrtyd Wells , Wales. I also went to Fatima and Tomar in Portugal with my Father Frank. We had a lovely time. We had a quiet Christmas free from snow but it was quite windy. I have also been following a most wonderfully inspiring chap www.jamiemcdonald.org Have a great 2014 people!