Sliding into Christmas!

Hello my lovelies!!

I hope that this finds you all well! With Christmas right around the proverbial corner I hope that you are all on the "Nice" list and you get everything you need from Mr. Claus. My wish to you this year is...


It is probably not a good time of year to Bog Snorkel in Europe at the moment as it is quite cold.

I want to thank my fans, friends and supporters who have done their best in keeping my 'ship' afloat..especially the people of Llanwrtyd-Wells, Sonkajarvi, Finland, The Australians and Their Royal Highnesses Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley of The Principality of Hutt River.

Some of you may know, I have dual citizenship of both Ireland and The Principality of Hutt River and this year I had the pleasure of becoming The P.H.R. Official Representative For Novelty and Bizarre Sports. (There's a link to the Principality here on the right)

Of course, last but not least, deepest thanks to my main sponsor since 1970... My Dad Frank Galvin!!

God Bless! Julia XXX