Eurovision Week! OMG!

For me, it started with ABBA's Waterloo, I have swooned over Johnny Logan and his old white suit and felt robbed when Linda Martin's "Terminal 3" was pipped at the post, overjoyed with her "Why me?" win. I have missed american wakes over Eurosvision. It's the one thing all year that makes me feel European. Now, I feel the time has come, at 41 I am mature enough to be foolish. I can't deny it...I LOVE JEDWARD. It's over. There. I have said it. It's out in the open. It's nearly as hard to say one is a Catholic as a "Jedhead" Musically, they wouldn't be my current cup of tea, but youth must have it's day. At the height of my own youthful exuberance I enjoyed Bros in the 80's...The crew, a generation ahead of me had the Bay City Rollers ...And before that... who cares? They don't read blogs...ha ha ha. Jedward are inate publicity geniuses They can read the public like a savante absorbs an encyclopedia they are International stars and I wish them well.

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