East Coast and New South.....

I am in Orange. The one in N.S.W. and I am happy, the weather has been cold and cloudy... and it suits me just fine!! I will be M.C at my friends' wedding in March and my speech has been composed by me and approved by the bride....phew!

Last week, I left Adelaide by plane to Sydney. I (foolishly) decided to stay in a suburb called Tempe, next to a highway under the flightpath to Sydney International Airport ..I know I don't sound enthusiastic.... No sleep! It was torture! On a plus side, during the day, it was very interesting...as soon as the first A380 wakes you up at 0.6.30 it's a case of "if you can't beat them , join them!" and it is quite amazing to see these jumbo feats of engineering and physics just glide by a few metres away from the balcony. Let's say..one trip to Tempe was enough.

I then went by a very dirty, icky, dirty train to Lithgow...what fantastic scenery through the Blue Mountains...Those I recommend! Stunning scenery! A single ticket to my final destination of Orange was just 26$AUD..not bad at all....!

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