OZ -Reports from the front line

Friday April 28th
The hair was not in a fit state to be seen and a hair-do was no.1 on the list of priorities... so I ended up on the edge of Chinatown in George's St and got my hair done by a Japanese lady called Aki who gave me a cut that made me look like one of the Beatles for $275... ouch1. I wandered around a few skinny people shops until a big Russian woman told me to go to Bondi Junction shopping centre. So thats what i did. I went on the train and came back on the bus. I find the trains a bit grubby but they have seats that flip up so you are never travelling backwards.
I went to see Kevin O'Shea that evening and his lovely ladies Tan and Ruby. I had a lovely seafood pasta and I think I ate calamari...Frank isn't big on exotic seafood ...i.e anything other than Donegal catch. When I got back to the Hostel I had a "golden Gaytime"

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