OZ -Reports from the front line #3

Sunday 30th

Armed against the sun with factor 50, a sun hat, red glittery Pom poms and an Umbrella! ...I went to S.C.G. in a taxi which I must say are Very cheap in comparison to home. I went to the box office to pick up my ticket that Tadhg had kindly left me.... the whole place was a sea of red and white...30 odd degrees and not a cloud in the sky.... oh man was i going to burn!?
I asked the lady for my ticket... and she couldn't find it! my heart sank, but I knew that another Listowelee was going to be there so I waited for him...John Perryman.. I knew of the Perrymans but wasn't too sure if I would recognise him or not.. It was great when he finally came along as I was getting no joy trying to plamas the ticket ladies... Telling me that they couldn't sort a ticket for me that it was a "Tie" issue They can't say Tadhg down here.

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